19 on the High Line
Extending the High Line, the "19" embraces the park to help foster a creative community


The �19� is where you�ll feel eternally hungry for new knowledge, where you surreptitiously find and meet new people, whether for work, stay or play.

The High Line has millions of visitors every year, and has sparked a public space revolution reusing an old train line. The "19" will open its lobby to the visitors of the High Line, creating a public plaza adjoining this exciting new addition to New York. The visitors will be able to freely mingle with the guests and residents of the building.

Typically, 19 is  the age when one starts to fully realise themselves as a member of society and when they start developing that kind of knowledge and expertise that will guide them through the rest of their adult life. 
We want this to serve as a place where one can feel 19 again - rediscover that kind of learning, sharing, living environment, while living the lifestyle they lead and working in a multi-disciplinary environment so as to be best able to learn from all others.

To this end, the "19" comprises both residential and hotel living and it is done so as to achieve a sliding scale of room rates. The residents (we will favour a quota for the types of professionals we will want to live in the spaces) will be encouraged to rent a room in their apartment to an incoming visitor, and to act as their host showing them the city and its sights (there will also be a rating system to make sure the residents adhere to this concept). There will be further rooms as per a standard hotel, but with different amenities and prices (i.e. from a 3* to 5* category).

The public spaces in the hotel are the following: an atrium connected to the public lobby, a work hub (and cafe) with flexible conference rooms (can act as a cinema, social club, etc. - this would work with and very much like established hubs, such as General Assembly), an intelligent collaborative gym and spa, a restaurant, roof-top garden and deck, and underground garages. The interiors will reflect a space in which to create and exchange ideas most effectively.

Residents would also be encouraged to update the building's blog and bring the best of social media and the web in order to help with their popularity and growth. Elements of gamification (jovoto.com, kickstarter.com, etc.) as well as social networking (ffffound.com, pinterest.com, etc.) would be encouraged to try and build on the idea of a real-life social network.

The philosophy of the concept is to bring together the residents of the building, visitors of the High Line and visitors to New York. The "19" will unify all of these with a community feel in order to bring about a real social network built around a real location. 

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