Guest rooms and shared office spaces under a single roof for increased human connectivity.


Idea generation

The idea for Convergence comes a basic exploration of the main functions of hotels and urban environments. Although hotels have never stopped evolving and proposing new experiences to their guests, they were originally born to fulfill one function: provide a place to sleep to visitors. Today, hotels� mission go way over mere functionality; however, their financial success is still tied to the same old statistic: the occupancy rate. 

The brief requested the design of an hotel based in New York; therefore, an hotel that fits an urban environment. Cities also have functions. They of course provide pleasant or unpleasant living contexts based on safety, environment, hygiene, recreational activities, culture, etc., but they are born as commercial and financial agglomerations. In fact,  professional, commercial and financial possibilities are key to a city�s health and to its power of attraction on the population.

Now, how can we re-invent hotels exploiting one of the key motives for living or going to a given urban environment? 

The answer is Convergence. 

Project description           

Convergence is a new type of hotel that offers guest rooms to visitors and shared office spaces to local professionals. Thanks to the regular comings and goings of locals renting an office space at Convergence, the hotel is always lively, even during daytime when many guests are out. Common spaces are designed to maximize the number of interactions between guests and tenants. A unique reception and lobby entrance combined to shared facilities (day and night lounges, restaurant, gym and pool) create points of convergence between these two publics. 

Urban environments count increasing number of shared office spaces. One of the underrated advantages of this type of work environment is the collaborative climate that is created between tenants. ­­­­Convergence�s spaces and services have been designed to facilitate internal collaboration between its tenants as well as to create new relationships between visitors from all around the world.



For its guests, Convergence is a new way of connecting with wordly locals, without leaving the hotel. It is also opting for an hotel that does not feel �empty� in the middle of the day. Moreover, the presence of an office space guarantees that availability of state-of-the-art business and communication technologies inside the hotel. 

For its tenants, Convergence, is a work environment that promotes collaboration between likely minded individuals. It is also a work environment that facilitates international business development or simply new international contacts. For design sensitive individuals, Convergence offers world class epicurean pleasures under a single roof.

Hotel owners benefit from a new business model that maximizes the hotel�s occupancy day and night, and  thus, increases the profitability of its services. They also have in hand an innovative offer that appeals to modern eclectic travelers. Finally, they can easily export the concept to other urban environments.­­

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