connecting with color
Connecting people with color, space and functions.


It is old news that the colors that surround us have a direct influence on how we feel, act, and react. A lot of research has gone into this topic over time. Impulses from our visual system's color channel travel directly to the brain and affect how we feel. Colors  are essential  in our lives: we love them for their vibrancy, for how intimately familiar they feel to us and for how they influence us every day. Bright colors also have a way of quickly catching our attention and interest.


My idea of connecting people is very simple, using color, space and flexibility. First to connect people you need to attract them.  My way of doing so is by creating a large park with colorful panels and a hotel that will catch everyone�s attention. Once you�ve got everyone�s attention, you need to keep them interested. In this case, my way of doing so is by creating a fun and unique experience of transforming living spaces, both indoor and outdoor. People can participate in changing the visual aspect of the park and hotel, giving the impression of creating a new park and hotel every day.


Sliding panels can be pushed and pulled to create an open or more intimate space. Locals and tourists will participate in changing the space and therefore encourage interaction between them. Community and city events could be displayed on these panels informing locals and tourists on what is happening in the city this week/ month.


With these sliding walls, people will have control on their environment. Creating an environment where space can be transformed and changed by the users. A place that can adapt to different needs, different groups, to everywhere and anyone. 


The hotel itself also transforms on the exterior, sliding panels on the facade can be moved by the customers to procure sunlight or be shut for night time. The hotel is therefore very transparent during the day, and the color panels animate the facade during night time, transforming the hotel into a city lantern.


Space and color become the main ingredients to interaction between locals and tourists encouraging them to transform their environment. People will talk about this hotel as the place that can be transformed; the place to be in Manhattan. This unique experience will ensure popularity from the locals and attract tourists from everywhere.

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