Human connect to Human
Giving humans an easier way to interact through architecture.


We don�t have a concept we have a solution...


A solution to a problem that is seen throughout every major metropolitan city.


The problem is the lack of interaction within the urban setting.


How do we make interaction happen?


More specifically how do we make it happen at one of tablet�s hotels?


We will make it happen by projecting the hotels public spaces outwards onto the streets of Manhattan. Bringing the hotels amenities into the public realm creating accessibility to both guest and locals; which will then create connections.


People walk  and pass hotels everyday, yet they don�t know what else is in them. So why would they ever go in?


The reason why our hotel will be successful is because everything will be visible from the street. Welcoming locals and making them aware of what is available to them.


After making the building visible & accessible;


We will implement a program that reflects Manhattan.

The idea is to utilize what the local community is known for, and form a program (hotel) that implements those attributes.

For Manhattan these attributes consist of :

Radio, Television, Media publishers (magazines, newspaper, books), & advertisement.

Which make Manhattan a major commercial, financial and cultural capitol of the U.S.


This idea can be implemented anywhere;
just by staying true to the hotels location.

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