Deconstruct the Hotel
Deconstruct the Hotel


DECONSTRUCT the HOTEL: A unique hotel experience where your hotel is the city itself.
  • Let the hotel guests experience to live like a New Yorker by means of making the local businesses as part of the hotel's amenities.
  • This theoretical approach on hotel design promotes New York's tourism directly, helps local businesses boost their income, and experience a New Yorker's lifestyle as travelers and locals interact directly with one another.
  • This approach also preserves the societal norms of New Yorkers by means of a discreet integration of hospitality services with the built residential and commercial structures.
  • Eliminates the standard hotel lobby in exchange of several activity spots scattered throughout a city block established by the locals. In this way, more people are able to communicate simultaneously.
  • Activity spots become meeting places, making people gather  unpredictably anywhere within the hotel block.