Connection Center
A place where you can connect with others


The hotel is based in a cubic form but with some parts removed. What resulted were two items with a "L" shape, each with a different size.


The manner in which this hotel make a connection between people depends on some items. The color is a main attraction for many because it captures the attention, particularly vivid colors such as red; the color gray is to make a contrast between both hotels. These colors, as we see, differ from one another and is the same with the people, we are not all equal but we can relate with each other.


Another aspect that takes place is the difference in size between both sides. It is not sought to make a hotel with a lot to impress height but a place, with the objective to provide comfort and relaxation to those who are going to stay there; as you know, New York City is a very active and with many things to do that take much of the day, then this hotel provides these amenities.


An element that allows the connection between individuals is the green area that is at the center, between the two hotels. This area is to connect to the that are not hosted with those who are staying in this hotel. For those who are not staying at the hotel can be a very attractive and i would call the attention, by the color or size, to enter and see what happens there inside and out the other side, but already there was a connection between the place and person. For the person who is staying at the hotel this area serves to relax and live with others who have taken the service of the hotel; this will activate the coexistence between people with different nationalities, customs, beliefs, and so on. I believe that a green area works much more than a night club, museums (apart from that there is already a good amount in New York) to connect to the people and also generates a care for the environment.

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