hotel without rules
hotel without rules


We intend to change the very understanding of the hotel,

via transformation it from the monofunctional space where

people mainly sleep, in place where local and guest people

will be offered a wide range of activities.

Implementation of our idea based on the abandoned building

at 5 Beekman street, NY. Visitors pay not per night in a room,

but buy a visa for the required number of the days. Inside the

hotel is a kind of separated state with min. number of restrictions

and rules. Folks are free to do whatever they want there. 

Inside there are workshops and showrooms of local artists,

musical studios, bars, restaurant, club, drama studio, yoga and

dancing classes, art galleries, etc. There are no rooms, instead

it residents are offered  separated sleeping places (sleep boxes,

hammocks, lounge bags) and lounge zones which are scattered

all over the hotel, as well as separated shower and WC blocks.

For keeping of the personal belongings luggage room and movable

lockers provided.

Local artists, willing to open a workshop or studio can buy a

long-term wallet-friendly visa, which allow to work and live

there permanently. Visitors who stay from a couple of days

by a fortnight are able to buy short-term more expensive visa.

These visas along with bars and restaurants make hotel�s profit. 

Thus, we are creating a kind of reduced model of the city life

inside of a single building, where people will mess around,

hanging out and communicate. A place where it will be interesting

to be all day long.          

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