Sustainable BALLOONS
Initial idea of blowing balloons to move a skin of the building follow to the visitors and habitats.


Sustainability - one of the aspect in architecture. It is very important for me and I'm very interesting in it. I think contemporary architecture has to be based on sustainability. 

In this project I came with a concept to create simple and in the same time functional object trough ordinary and material at hand. To create a space in trivial urban layer, which will be very cheap and very magnetic for people.

Architectural idea - simple ideas have often been the driving force the evolution of human kind like, for example, the concept of sails, wheels and umbrellas. Today, in an era of complex energy problems, we also need simple solutions to difficult problems. Buildings consume and waste a lot of energy and are constantly exposed to direct sun light whose direction and intensity varies greatly throughout the day. Initial idea to create an adaptive skin responsive to the visitors of a building. Depending of amount and localisation of people in the building in particular spaces the balloons are changing them-self size on the facade for good insolation of the building. To make this facade unstable. It will attract walkers outside. (Adaptive of attract system)

Technical idea - this concept is based on the principle of heat absorbing balloons. Imagine a layer of black balloons covering the whole surface of a building's facade that is able to harvest the sun's energy. The balloons can be filled with water or air to be used for the rooms next to the facade. By regulating the size of the balloons by their filling amount you are also able to control the amount of solar energy that penetrates the facade area.

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