Tablets - Rooms
Tablets - is a small spaces for different types of communication and socialization.


Tablets are Connecting Rooms (small round transparent spaces), situated around the hotel.

Media Wall with info about Tablets situated in entrance Hall. Any can reserve Tablet for his event, and any can join open event in Tablet. Just click on interacitve touch screen panel, choose Tablet Room, time, write your event name  and choose status.

You can also see Tablets Menu on Your Tablet Hotels App for mobile devices. You can manage your events in Tablet Rooms, and You can see other events!

Tablets are round-shaped and have transparent walls and located on all floors 
of the hotel in different places.

Each client or local may reserve a Tablet for his event and invite guests there.

Reserved Tablets and Announced Events seen at a special Media-Wall and 
in the Tablet-APP for mobile devices.

Dozens of Events may occur in the Tablets at the same time.

Each Tablet is specialized for a specific event: a lecture, business negotiations, 
discussions, talks, seminar, conference, little concert or show, business acquaintance, co-working etc.