Proyectos II


The hotel was made in such manner that the recreation and interest areas were not properly within the infrastructure of the rooms and that these were sufficiently interesting to tempt the guest to come out of their rooms and enjoy them. For this motive a recreational area was designed at the entrance of the hotel, but because part of the hotel is underground, there´s  an easy access to this area from all floors.

The design of this hotel was based on the use of emptiness between volumes to create a sensation of grandeur and space.

This zone of entertainment counts with 4 different areas, from which two of them are the levels below ground level, which has stores, fast food restaurants and cafés. The biggest volume of the structure is dedicated for offices spaces and enterprise incubators than make an agreement with the hotel; also the last floors would be used as gazebos, and for its easy access an elevator is located at the center of the building. As the last and most interesting atractavie point we find the suspended restaurant which its only support is the volume connected to the hotel building, the only access to this area is the elevator that is in the guest area for security and privacy reasons, because the restaurant will only be available for guest while the other areas will be open for visitors in general.

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