A bar in the elevator brings service to different guest areas
A meeting area with special focus on each floor and a bar elevator. App for communication on walls.


Beforehand: I am no designer nor achchitect - so please apologize that I write and don't render. Hope you like to read it. 

Meeting areas with spezial bar service and communication

Most communication in hotels takes place in the lounge or activity area with beverage service. My idea here is to create a feature that has no equal: There are several incentives to get together with others. The area of joint activities is much greater than usual, it was spread over several areas, which makes for a more intimate atmosphere. A sophisticated communications system ensures that guests are on their interests together.

1. For each floor an own meeting area is set up, each has a different focus. These may, for example (some with smoking / non smoking area):

- Wellness / Spa / Pool

- Fitness, sport games (table tennis, squash, and Wii)

- Billiards / darts / chess / tables for playing cards ...

- Library and reading Room

- Cinema / big screen (sports broadcasts, movies ...)

- Information area with seating in front of various screens: News / sports / exchanges information ...

- Barcamp / discussion room (guests / speakers offer short presentations and will discuss them)

- Co-Working Space

- Party Zone

- Observation deck

- Restaurants


2. It can of course be that every area has its own bar - but this is very labor intensive. A great special feature would be a big bar-elevator, which stops the stacked areas (and before tells how long it will take). Service staff brings the (per app) ordered drinks to the guests. Could possibly including dishes from the kitchen to dining areas in the different layers are transported. Even for the room service could the elevator be used.

Of course there are some in the lift bar stool in front of the desk, and whoever is sitting there, with moves between floors. Also, the bar service can be watched via webcam.

3. There is communication between all the guests and areas with the hotel's own smartphone app (and terminals in the areas). They send push messages to the SmarthPhones of the app-users as well as to information and Twitter walls in each area (possibly even outside the door), including

- Information on offers, possibly with the option to place reservation, for example

- XY movie starts at 20:00 in cinema; XX still free places;

- Next infusion in the sauna at 21:00

- Utilization information: How many visitors keep on at present in the various areas, which areas are occupied, which is free (maybe some with web cam)

- Offers and requests of guests such as

- Looking Wii game or chess partner, XY level, space ...

(Who wants to go on a personal offer, should send a request with photo that can be accepted or rejected)

- 21:00 Barcamp-talk on XY, space ...

- Twitter messages from guests with home-hashtag on events in the hotel.

- Orders for drinks or food in the restaurant areas can also be made by phone or where dining tables are on monitors.

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