Revolve a Tablet Experience.


Revolve is a new experience that we introduce to the traditional notion of hospitality. This new unit, just like any other unit in a hotel, requires planning, management, and administration. Revolve does not have a specific location, but happens mainly in two places, the R-Room,  which is located at street level, and the glass house which is located in the roof. As a unit of planning the R-Room ( renders a, b, and c) is a broad concept that aspires, among other things, to make individuals think beyond themselves, and their space. For the visitor this room must be a place to experience neighborliness, a place for friendly clashes with locals, the R-Room is a social kaleidoscope.

The R-Room is a café,  a bar,  a theater, and a working place. The space features sociopetal, and sociofugal settings. The sociopetal space is a small theater in the middle of the room (render a, and b) it has tables for groups, and individuals. Also comfortable individual chairs (Sofa-balls, ottomans etc) that can be organized according to the needs of the space and the users. There is high definition monitors in the walls, in the ceiling (render b), as well as surround sound system. To one side there is a sociofugal space (render c)  that features work stations equipped with state of the art communication technology. In this section of the R-Room guests can borrow laptops equipped with specialized, task oriented software, and hardware. Also, randomly distributed in the space, there is massage stations, for those who want to cool their minds in the middle of a project.

For the visitor and locals, specially the adventurous ones, the R-Room is place for discovery. "Do you want to know about the water system of New York, the story of Coney Island, or do you want to go deeper, and know some secrets of this city? Just have breakfast with us, and get a taste of the R-Room. Also, are  you planning to visit new York? Do you have a talent that you would like to share, are you performer, a filmmaker,  a writer? Do you want to talk about your book, do you want to screen your short film? we have special offers for you".

We stimulate an organic gravitation of locals to the R-Room by making of this, a platform for sharing  knowledge, talent, and ideas. Every hour there is a featured act/presentation that is not longer than 15 minutes, or shorter than 5 minutes. If the person is a local we expect this person to bring some friends, just like in an open mic. We don�t charge at the door, and the speaker doesn�t expect to get paid; we provide the opportunity they provide the act. Curating for this experience is paramount, there is a consistent, but simple criteria to select the presentations, they are orally rich, and stimulating. At the end of each presentation occupants find themselves closer to each other, not only in distance but in mood, conversations spark, and taken further with the aid of our technologic platform (free wireless, workstations etc).  The idea is to create a symbiotic system, a name, a caring atmosphere that will make of the R-Room a loved and trusted space.

The Glass House (render d) is hybrid space located in the roof of the building, it is a crystal clear structure in the roof that functions as a greenhouse, a bird reservoir, a community garden, and a learning space. The Glass House shares its space with the community, people from the neighborhood are encouraged to participate in its maintenance and enjoyment, and also local high schools� science classes have access to this state of the art  the indoors urban ecosystem. On the other hand,  for the visitors the Glass House serves as space for relaxation. Regardless of the season, you can get a free haircut while listening to birds, contemplating the mythical New York�s skyline, and experience community life in action. Listen serendipitously to the stories of the neighborhood from the neighbors themselves. Get a manicure, a pedicure or a massage before that business meeting. The glass house offers enough public space for visitors and locals to move freely and get involved with each other in a uncompromising way.

Photos only for concepting purposes, more renders coming!

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