The virtual world becomes real!!




Everybody know the application for Apple iphone �AroundMe�, which offers the visitor a chance anywhere in the world to know where are located bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, and so on, compared to its current position. The lobby of Tablet. Hotel will make physics a virtual application, attracting not only the curiosity and the need of the visitor to know NY in all its facets, but also the population of New York, ready to come across a new concept hotel.


Like Tablet. has an internet site which selects the best luxury, fun and special hotels in the world, so in the lobby of Tablet. hotel, in line with the philosophy of the internet site, day after day, there will be the selection of the best restaurants, shops, services of the city of New York that will present their best cuisine, clothes, art and so on, not only to the travelers but also to the locals.

Every moment will be evaluated from the travelers and locals, giving a feedback through a special application iphone or through systems that the hotel will give at disposition. The feedback will go in a database of Tablet and every person who go there can go at knowledge.


Everyday in the lobby there will be the presentation of a � CULINARY MOMENT� or:


The promotion of these services will do publicity also to the workers of NY, boosting the economy.

But we start with order:

CULINARY MOMENT: Tablet. will choose a chef from one of the best selected restaurant of NY and he will cook to the travelers and locals his special unique dish just in the lobby of Tablet. hotel. This thing not only will do a lot of publicity to the restaurant selected but also will give the possibility to the travelers and locals to test a new cuisine and give a feedback that will remain in the database of the lobby of Tablet, at knowledge of all. Moreover there will be lessons of cuisine for involving the most high number of people possible.

FASHION MOMENT: Tablet. will promote the best selected boutiques of NY, organizing fashion events in which not only there will be parades of fashion clothes but also parades of theater gowns or for special occasions. It will be a moment for knowing the trends over cult of New York.

DANCING MOMENT: it will be a moment in which the best school of dancing of NY will perform, involving travelers and locals in thrilling dances. There will be also dance lessons.

ART & DESIGN MOMENT: the best selected galleries of NY will do expositions of their art, giving lessons of painting, sculpture and so on.


  1. A central exhibition platform ( Show & Entartainment) for the �moments�;
  2. Bar + lounge;
  3. Workstations/Info_points in which it will be possible have informations about NY City, consulting virtual planimetry, the feedback of clients of the Tablet. Hotel and the promoted services.

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