Pass through
PASSING THROUGH is vital a constant and quick users change.



A social living hotel is a place, for me, where visitors and citizens can be together. To obtain this goal the structure should have many attractive functions.
You can socialize in a better way if  the hotel users are of different ages, nationalities and type.
Change is vital.
The façade of the hotel is translucent, transparent during the day and luminous at night.

The activities I detected, on the ground floor:
-    Cafè
-    Bar
-    Bookshop
-    Organic Market
-    Jogging Path
Upper floors:
-    Travel Live Forum
-    Community kitchen
-    Rental Spaces
-    Gymnasium
-    Apartments
-    Hotel rooms
-    Youth hostel
-    Deposits
-    Ciber Cafè
On the roof top:
-    Telescopes area
-    Panoramic view and cafè
-    Kite flying area
-    Botanical garden

Traffic flows

The task was to connect locals with hotel guests or city visitors.
My solution answers in many ways:
- open facade and entrance on ground floor: a space continuum from the street to the building. The user has a direct and easy access to the building from the street: no doors, no barriers, no limit.
- many different activities on ground floor to attract the trafiic flows: jogging path for runners, green areas for relaxing, shops, bars and restaurants, and a great organic market;
- a large variety of leisures in the whole building to satisfy everyone, activities visible from the volumes and the colors. You can have kitchen lessons in the community kitchen, surf the web and the social networks in the cyber cafè, talk about travels and journey with other travellers in the live travel forum, fly a kite or track the stars on the roof top...and many more...

This enormous kind of activity in my opinion can attract different people, most of all people from different countries, different ages, different interests.

The activities can be changed, the volumes are so simple that you can easuly change the function in them. The motto is "change is vital" too!

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