tabLET hotel ManHATTan
the hotel in manhattan or the manhattan in the hotel


The idea is to connect spaces with the hotel system, to connect travelers and locals. The city is the best designer, and I do not feel the must to design a new building , where people have to walk or have to move there just to get sleep. When I come to an unknown place, I want to see the rooms, where I can sleep. Do not want to waste time by searching hotels around city I do not know. The best place where to put receptions are the places which domestic people already likes. This is the connection between locals and travelers, these are the places to connect (to put a reception in it).

The idea has two phases:
1. to find a places which are already in use by different function (cofee shop, playground, park, ....) to put the reception in it and to paint the roads to rooms on the street (to help travelers)
2. to design system which will connect all mobile users into one net (same as facebook) with related interest of stay.

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