The Grid
A hotel that is no boundaries.


My initial concept is to create a hotel that is no boundaries between outside and inside. Nowadays, people are trapped in a claustrophobic space and the wall acts as a boundary which interferes social life of humans. Therefore, I would like to use large piece of glass in my design to create an illusion that the space has no back and no boundaries as well as minimize the frame of glass, giving the impression of complete openness and transparency.

A 3 dimensional grid occupied by prefab units which will be used as the hotel rooms, lobby, restaurants and etc. Every part of the space has been creatively used. The park will be preserved as what it was before and all the prefab units are lifted up by grid. The lobby and service area can be accessed by an interesting green ramp translating the horizontal low rise streetscape into vertical which is also used as an alternative path between floors.

All facilities such as park, restaurants, library, shops, exhibition space and etc are used by hotel guests and city residents, at the same time also foster interaction and create a sense of community. The existing park and hover park which will be located at the centre of the building will accommodate diverse activities, from large celebrations to intimate conversations.

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