Simple and efficient
I propose a lot of ideas from my thinking of my own experience of Hotel seen in the world


After 365 flights around the world, I can say today: I know what I want to have, hotels must be:

  1. Service
  2. design
  3. thoughtful rooms
  4. no unnecessary details, only one useful information
  5. easy moving...
So, I propose a lot of ideas from my thinking of my own experience. Of course, lot of thing have to be developped, especially technologie such as rotating bar with using a bar code to fill up alcohol.

My vision is fully open space, luminous, wellness, harmonious music, with scents of essential oils , connection without barrier with the outside, some exchange indiscriminately with other travelers and local people .
And also, access on local information of the city, some art exposition, entertainment, weather forecast (with no ads)...  Only service
I work on layout design, graphic, and product design in France. Photo is also my passion...

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