The Piatto will be a hotel of Food and People!


The idea of the hotel is simple: to prepare and enjoy your meal in the company of others and learn and share recipes!
The inspiration for the hotel is the colorful diversity of different foods from different cultures all over the world.
The hotel inspires interaction by:
- providing the ingredients for:
   a) people to prepare their own food and share their recipes
   b) people to prepare cocktails and share their drinks
- inviting locals and guests to share and experiment foods from all over
- creating an area of relaxation and joy
- creating a "recipe book" (like a guest book) for people to sign

The Recipe Book will be similar to a guest book where guests sign but locals are welcome to sign also:
- a place to share recipes
- a place to learn recipes
- a book to collect all the recipes! (and possibly publish online or offline for people to enjoy)
This could also be translated into a mobile app to facilitate sharing and usage

Events: the hotel will invite famous chefs for special occasions to offer exhibitions and to entertain food fairs.

Guest and locals are invited of course:
Locals and guests pay a fee to use the facility. The facility provides all sorts of ingredients and tools; people are invited to bring any additional materials.
Locals and guests mingle and get to try different foods and without spending too much and at the same time learning new cultures and how to cook of course.
Great conversation is sure to ensue!

- with local businesses to supply food and ingredients such as rooftop gardens and also to host/cater special events
- with local communities/organizations to donate food, to hold soup kitchens, etc.

EDIT: Drinks/cocktails have been added thanks to @Busins' feedback.
EDIT: Collaboration with NY's rooftop gardens via @Valtrese.

My drawings aren't great but I hope they'll be enough for you to get the idea, use your imaginations! My focus is on the concept and not the design as I'm not very design-able.