The College will be a hotel of Knowledge!


The idea of the hotel is simple: to inspire and share knowledge and culture.
The inspiration for the hotel is the beauty and fulfillment of sharing knowledge, the basis of the human culture.
The hotel inspires interaction by:
- motivating anyone to speak and attend conferences
- offering conferences on a wide range of topics, from business to cultures (whatever you like!)
- creating a sharing atmosphere, where people are encouraged to give talks about what they are passionate and knowledgeable about as well as connect with other through common interests
- recording and promoting the content of the talks through online and offline mediums to create community devoted to the concept

"Knowledge hub" or platform:
- distribute and promote interesting talks and topics
- reach more people and spread the word to create buzz
This could also be translated into a mobile app to facilitate sharing and usage

- will serve as a place for exhibitions to create brand sponsoring/advertising opportunities and attract the general public
- will act as a gateway for knowledge by offering events such as science fairs, art exhibitions, and the others, to give cultural value

Guest and locals are invited of course:
Locals can attend and speak at conferences, and so are guests of course, on any and all topics.
Guests will share professional and cultural tips/talks from their home countries, while locals will share their local knowledge.
Guests and locals will benefit from sharing knowledge and connecting to create a better experience individually and collectively.
Conferences can be spontaneous or scheduled, and rooms are reserved according to audience sizes.
Great conversation is sure to ensue!

My drawings aren't great but I hope they'll be enough for you to get the idea, use your imaginations! My focus is on the concept and not the design as I'm not very design-able.

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