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ArtHouse Building Recycling: Sustainable Reuse of Existing Structures

Converting a building from its previous use to a new use takes vision. It is often difficult to see the future of an already existing facility. The creative use of the existing building and the appropriate integration of the building form into a new facility leads to a successfully recycled building.

This hotel is mainly divided into 2 areas:  the first is the redevelopment of existing buildings into apartments for the residents of New York city and rooms for hotel guests. The second is the addition of a new building that serves as a connection between hotel guests, New Yorkers and curious passersby.

The second building is composed of 4 levels of terraces that functions as workshops. These terraces are connected by long ramps which in turn communicate the rooms with the public space located at street level.

New York has long been a mecca for artists, bohemians, and all creative types from the avant garde to the established. Art and artists  have become one of this city's biggest assets. With these workshops, we will offer a visual look at the internal and external factors in the creative process of artists and other innovators. The workshops  will have a constant rotation of designers, artists, sculptors, musicians etc.

At street level we offer a public space surrounded by a commercial area. A lounge area and a swimming pool are located at the back of these space in a more private atmosphere.

As a result of this new building facility, residents, hotel guests, artists and passersby will mingle and interact with each other. 

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