New York Community Tower Hotel
30 stories tall hotel. Having Sky Restaurant at the top floor-1 & 13 stories-2


Conception: 1= 30 stories Hotel.
I preferred vertical space to save the horizontal Land. More over, to get enough open space and healthy environmental for visitors.

Land Area= 8000 sft assumption
Build area per floor = 4000 sft 50% of Land.
Car Parking = Per car need 250 sft, so in basement 8000 sft (under ground)= 32 Nos. Car underground parking.
Total Guests can stay in 30 stories= assuming per guest=500 sft/per floor,          guest can stay.
Including Cafeteria, Ball room, dancing room, Lobby,  reception etc,

Conception: 2= 13 stories Hotel,
Land area= 35000 sft Build area per floor=15,000 sft including same facilities  of Conception-1. assuming 500 sft= per guest/per floor.