The Animated Connection
Nothing draws people together more effectively than fascination. We are united in wonder.


Inspired by Louis Kahn�s concept of Served and Servant spaces my project seeks to define the true meaning of connection, to provide an atmosphere where imagination finds fulfillment and tectonic details forever animate the surroundings. An archive of  selected pieces are delivered via an automatic retrieval system at the request of any guest at any time. The structure folds and shapes itself to suit any desired arrangement, a truss system carrying the floating floor plate grid is fitted with a hydraulically controlled facade and floor/wall system that provides an ever changing environment within a perpetual frame. By creating a hotel that ultimately anyone can enjoy, animation will become the true catalyst for connection.

Louis Kahn

Served and Servant Spaces:

When assessing the true function of a hotel, one of the most important aspects is that of service. Louis Kahn expressed service through architectural form, exposing served and servant spaces. This became a key driver for my design, becoming a tectonic component that evolved into an important  technological connection.

Technological connection evolving into human connection:

A series of portable pieces of bespoke furniture are designed for ease of transport around the hotel. Folding elements allow for compact massing of components. A hydraulic wall and floor system is also integrated on a 3 x 3 metre grid that allows for optimum flexibility.

The archive holds all the furniture for the hotel and the automatic retrieval system (as illustrated) collects and delivers the goods from this source. The spa is integrated with the archive to create a connection between the guest and the mechanical process of the hotel in order to generate a continually animated environment.  All manners of objects and furniture can be travelling overhead as guests swim, relax and interact with each other.  As a result of this technological connection, a childlike sense of fascination within all of us is reinstated and a greater sense of enjoyment can be achieved as the spectacle is shared amongst all the guests and public.

The rooms also become a dynamic process of folding floors, lifting walls and moving facades, furniture is suspended from the truss system for staff or guests to collect and enjoy. The floor plate and wall system is controlled by a bespoke hydraulic system that allows for a truly flexible hotel.

The columns that run along the side of the building and ultimately carry the structure, are exposed by glass elements to reveal the carrying of the furniture up and down the structure to ensure the hotel remains a spectacle for the public as well as the guests.

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