Sociotel creates business and personal connections on three scales:

On a large scale, the building facade becomes lighted according to the type of current room occupant, whether they are a creative professional, business professional, investor, or a vacationer. This allows someone down the street to see the possible types of social interactions currently taking place, and the types of individuals they might encounter. If they are looking for a particular type of individual for their project, they just might encounter them here! As people check in and check out, the colors change depending on who checks in, allowing for an always-changing, animated facade.

In order to incorporate interaction into the building, social spaces are tied into the primary circulation located in the center of the building. This brings everyone in the building into a social space as soon as they leave their room. These range from 1st floor cafes that bleed into the public sidewalk, to collaborative workspaces on upper floors, to recreational floors allowing for family fun as well.

The individual rooms also allow for chance meetings, as balconies become shared between two rooms. A partition wall separates them, allowing for privacy if closed, and a chance meeting if opened.

The lobby also incorporates a "connection wall" that allows businessmen to leave their mark even after they have checked out by leaving their business cards and contact info in allotted spaces. Vacationers can also leave their mark by leaving pictures or memories from their visit. This will also bring people in from the outside looking to make connections.

Sociotel allows for a range of possibilities and the ideas can be adapted to any site selected to create a range of design possibilities.

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