Street Hotel
Bring a street within the hotel. Hotel rooms line a street where locals can mingle with hotel guests


Typical hotels shut off guests from the vibrancy of the street. In the urban hotel guests are far away from any kind of urban interaction. Without the street, people have no way of interacting with anyone outside of the hotel. Rooms in a typical hotel are connected by long and bland hallways that create little opportunity for social exchange. The solution to the apparent isolation of most hotel rooms then is to create an intersection between street and hotel. The hallway than becomes a street,  a street that provides the opportunity of commercial spaces and accommodations. A street that authentically connects travelers and locals. This proposal creates an urban landscape framed by rooms for rent. Situated perpendicular to a park, the 'Street Hotel" helps revitalize the riverfront while maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the park. The siting of the street hotel also affords each room generous views of the New York skyline.

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