REVERB combines a concert ticket, hotel room and skybox into one immersive experience.


Concerts are unique events where hundreds of people willingly come together, all to enjoy a common interest. Whether it�s traveling hundreds of miles or simply jumping across town, music has the ability to drive eclectic groups of people together.

Often, whether you and your friends have driven 300 miles on a road trip or you're just preparing for the evening to last late into the night, concert-goers find themselves looking for a safe and convenient place to stay after the show.

Located in Lower Manhattan, REVERB's most unique feature is allowing guests to book 'concert view' suites, much like booking an ocean view suite at a beach resort. 

Guests can enjoy live shows from their own balcony and skybox, or experience the show up close with other fans knowing their room is just steps away. REVERB combines a concert ticket and hotel room into one uniquely immersive experience.

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