New York Impression
The project is the concept of a mirror-constructed pavage which reflects the New York streetscape.




As a famous international metropolis, New York is filled with different kinds of people and a variety of cultures. There are many high-rise blocks springing high above New York, a city that seems to have stepped from the pages of a fairy story. And the glass skin of those buildings reflect the fantastic city views around them. This city owns a complex, undefined and colorful streetscape.

Moreover the life of people in New York is very busy and confused. And in a way, they are too tired and insensitive to appreciate the beauty in the city every day. In this condition, how can our design waken the sense of belonging among the locals? And how can our design make the travelers really measure the heartbeat of New York City?




 Every year there are millions of travelers visiting New York. They are all the passengers. What stories will they perform with the local people? And what impression will New Yorkers leave on them? We think our design should become the carrier of stories and the combination of travelers and the locals.  

And we think the �ground� is the most suitable media to join the two kinds of people closely because it is shared by both locals and travels all the time. Through the friction happening over the surface, the ground can record the behaviors of people. And with the time flying, those records on the surface would become the corporate memory of travelers and the locals. More importantly, just like a glass curtain wall lying down to the ground, the surface made of mirror can also reflect the streetscape in New York. And both the records and the reflection appearing on the ground constitute the New York impression.  

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