a compounded and three-dimensional stage for street performers to contact the locals and guests



In New York, everywhere on the streets can be seen different types of street performers. Some play guitar or hand organ, some perform hip-hop or acrobatics. This is a common feature in America, and the street performance is an epitome of American traditional culture and society.

We can easily find that the locals and the tourists are attracted by the interesting street�corner skits , and they gather and surround to watch the performance. This scene offers a platform for the communication between the locals and the tourists. The tourists can easily get in touch with the locals, and know more about the civic life in New York.


So our concept is aimed at combining the hotel with the street performances. We want to create a compounded and three-dimensional show place in which the diverse performances can be shown perfectly and the locals and tourists can get together to enjoy the displays. And on festival days, the hotel can also use the show place to hold some concerts and parties. Conversely, these impassioned activities can help the hotel to attract more guests as well.

We use a strip of contiguous ribbon to connect the diverse performing spaces and the hotel. As with the ribbon going through the spaces, it forms walls, roofs and stands. At the same time, the ribbon makes the hotel a unique symbol.

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