An educational hotel chain where learning meets luxury.


The unique offerings of edu-o-tel make it a place where discerning travelers, locals, and life-long learners meet to build new networks, be inspired, and connect with the world�s greatest minds.

By offering experiences and information that would otherwise be impossible to access, edu-o-tel provides resources for both travelers and local innovators while distinguishing itself from generic hospitality services.

Guests and visitors to edu-o-tel can experience:

-       nightly workshops & lectures

-       professors in residence

-       co-working spaces for travelers & locals

-       communal and formal dining areas

-       educational tours

-       boutique theater

-       curated happy hour

-       in-room learning opportunities

By making edu-o-tel a place where people come to learn and meet, not just to sleep, it becomes the center of innovation and community in the area.

edu-o-tel: where learning meets luxury

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