draw the city
we use graffiti, a local comment to connect travelers and locals in hotel.


New York is a vibrant, stimulating and mixed city. We hope to use the equally exciting element as the theme of this design to stand for New York, and to mix all kinds of people together, especially travellers and natives.After analyzing the respective activities of trallers and natives, we think an activity which is filled with local characteristics and is involved with different people will meet the requirement. Finally, we choose graffiti, which has been in the New York since 1930.

The development of graffiti in New York is from subways to streets, and is from misunderstood to completely accepted. We hope that the volume of the hotel has the same characteristics. We choose walls to create this space, which are from underground to overground. The curvy wall makes the space free flowing, and add the guidance.In the space, people can enjoy the grattifi in different plane. Passing people on the streets also can join in at any time from the entrance which is guided by the walls on the ground. In the mixed space, we emphasize the different viewing experience between different people. The curvy walls, just like galleries, can watch and touch at close range,while the wall across the sky creates another different experience. Travellers, the local people and street entertainers can communicate through watching graffiti and relaxing. 


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