Don't Book a Hotel, book the city
Not a Hotel, just a place with the best service you can have: a friend by your side.


The task of an unprecedented communication in a city between the visiter and the citizens of all classes can be implemented with only one conclusion, namely: the hotel has to come to the people, not the other way around.

to aks the question again: "why people are booking a Hotel?" 

this is a very good start to think completly new about a hotel like Tablet.  

Because the fact, nobody is booking a hotel just for beeing in a Hotel and to be at some ramdom place. Everyone is booking a place - for example the place named New York. So they book a Hotel,  a place to be privat, to find sleep, to feel safe. 

But of course, this is the opposite of a place for maximum communication. 


A rethink hotel needs another priority : 


Do not make visitors to isolated tourists. Make every visitor to be part of the city.

Open the city for you to be part of and find a lot potential to communicate. 

So you don't book necessarily a room, this is rather secondary importance. 

You book especially a Native New Yorker (who is a "hotel" employee 

( may you say "butler" ) for your best service, a guide, a friend  and the open door to communicate, inbetween New York residents of every class.

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