The Pier
The Pier


A project developed by
M.Verrando - F.Rossotti - M.Basta - M.Nicastro - C.Stella

The project focuses on the chance to give the city a new perspective on the river and its surroundings. The place is conceived for different kind of users, both tourists and citizens, giving them the chance to meet in an unusual place like a beach in Lower Manhattan. The hall is a very wide and long building that we placed centrally between the real "hotel structures" (i.e.rooms, services, act..) to connect the city (especially the high line terminus and the core of the Meatpacking District) and the riverside. Conceived to be the focus point of this architecture the hall can be passed through by several kind of users: 
  • fast NY citizens (bikers, skaters, runners, etc) by the upper route.
  • tourists, families and relaxing NY people by the hall itself where you can find a cafe.
  • tourists accommodated in the hotel by the hall where the reception and services are placed.
Moreover the structure gives the chance to use the place in several ways: to relax, to read a book, to have a coffee, to sunbathe, to take a room, to run, to play bowls outside, even during winter days with the exception of the salt sea swimming pool.

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