A public space surrounded by the hotel, a hotel that extends into the public spaces, and more...





The public hotel has a central space open to the public, as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, music performance spaces, a few selected shops and street entertainment (chess tables, street performers, etc.). It is a boulevard/plaza style lively space conceived to attract city�s inhabitants, tourists and hotel guests.


The hotel rooms and facilities are located in the buildings surrounding the public space, and divided in four sections: hip-hostel, three, four and five stars hotel. This multiple class combination is an essential element to give to the shared public area a healthy mixture of cultures and social levels, as lively cities have.


The cultural mixture is also nourished by the fact that each hotel class does not have within its building their own bars, restaurants and gift shops. Guests are invited to use the ones in the public space.


When in their own hotel building guests will find all the other services and facilities to fit each �class�:


·        > The hostel has a central lobby with adjacent spaces for guests (long tables with benches, a lounge area, a terrace).

·        > The three stars hotel is a simple and easy hotel.

·        > The four and five stars hotel are full-featured hotels in their level, with SPA, meeting areas, etc.



To complete the public experience, each hotel floor has a shared living space usable as an extension of the guestroom, or as place to meet other guests, equipped with a kitchenette or vending machines, tables and sofas.

PS: I just discovered this competition, while traveling, so unfortunately I did not have the time to develop the required sketches. Nevertheless, I decided to send anyways a brief description of my hotel concept.

My professional experience includes architectural and interior design, with experience in high-end boutique hotels (listed on your site), so I can provide all the documentation necessary to develop further the concept till construction.