THE HUB - Tablet.
Uniting travelers and locals in a unique hotel. Rethinking spaces to reply to everyone's needs.


The starting point was to build an original hotel culture through the architecture form of the building
Our main objective when creating this space was to take away the traditional hotel barriers and build a new space adapted to the curious travelers of the world - a place that would unite locals and travelers

The core axe >> THE HUB
This space is a collaborative space where more value is placed on inspiration and creativity. 

We are breaking the traditional meeting/event rooms to create an open space with multiple facilities to offer optimum satisfaction to all. Capsules to work in teams and lounge designed spaces to work/meet/connect/share

Business travelers looking for hotels where they won�t have to do daily battle with tour groups, spring breakers, wedding parties and families
Room are a distinct part of the hotel. It is slightly isolated to the entire hotel playground experience.

LOBBY x RESTAURANT x BARS x SPORTS x EVENTS SPACE, GALLERY� circulate around THE HUB on several floors in distinct blocs, allowing the customer to maximize his/her experience in the hotel.

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