WHITE ELEPHANT HOTEL offers a public space for people to exchange small gifts from the world.




White Elephant Hotel is named after a popular holiday party game in North America.

The hotel offers a public space for people to exchange small gifts.

Variety of gifts from all over the world will provide opportunities for travelers and locals to communicate each other.

Gifts people bring over will be something such as:

  • Novels which travelers finished reading on their journeys
  • Concert tickets locals cannot go
  • Souvenirs which travelers could not pass to someone
  • Pieces of art which locals made
  • Domestic commodities which locals and travelers have surplus


You can communicate with people from the world through gifts with messages in showcases.

Some showcases are transparent and some are blind.

You will be excited to choose which one to bring back.


White Elephant Hotel is located on a site facing four different streets:

6th Ave., Broome St., Sullivan St. and Spring St.

The place can be a junction of variety of urban activities.


The Hotel stands like a white elephant facing urban crossing.

You can enjoy urban views from roof decks on elephant�s nose and back.

Main entrance of the hotel is hugged under elephant�s belly.


Public space of the hotel is filled with gifts from the world.

Such gifts as well as travelers come and go everyday.

Every time you come here, you can enjoy the changing world.

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