Tablet Creative - a luxury hotel built around comfort, creativity and community
Luxury business and vacation hotel inspired by the interactive and creative soul of a youth hostel.


Tablet Creative builds experiences which provide provide guests with luxury comforts that invite them into community interactions with other guests and local patrons. 

Live Art Lobby - From the moment a guest checks in, they encounter local artists making and selling art in the lobby studio.  When an artist is finished, the piece is put on display for sale in the main loby area.  

Co-Working Cafe -  Guests are given an open work space to work or read in a comfort.  Away from the main work area is a espresso bar where they can learn to make beautiful drinks with their peers as a break.

Rotating Chef - Guests can participate in an underground restaurant, where they learn how to make a signature dish from a local chef, and enjoy it with others.

Room to Lounge - This is no ordinary hotel bar.  The taps and beverage dispensers are spread throughout the crowd and paid for with a credit card for self service.  A bar tender leads mixology lessons to teach you how to make your favorite drink, turning every guest into a host, and inviting serendipitous interactions. 

Crowd Sourced Concierge - Guests can record their experiences on a open art mural to share their favorite moments with future guests, make recommendations, or simply share memories.  A virtual "missed connection" board allows guest to connect virtually with people they have met or seen at the hotel, allowing them to continue their connections after their stay.