Ricola Limited Edition 2015

Design your limited edition of the Ricola herb drops!


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"Wer hat's erfunden?" ;D

Hi Jessica! I'm looking forward to this exciting competition and have already read the briefing. I had a look at the material as well. To avoid a missunderstanding I'd like to ask if I understood this correctly: There will be no nutritional information and ingredients list on the boxes itself? On the backside will be a transparent window, providing a view to the content and covering nearly the entire backside. This must be avoided so that the main design shall primarly cover the front (and the sides) according to the 3D visualization and punching pattern. Many thanks for answering my questions!

Hi Esther, So great that you're excited, we are too! Any additional information is written on the side of the box and the requirements for that section is mentioned above, "That the sides of the packaging must be blank to allow space for information regarding the products, i.e. the sides of the outer packaging should not have major color gradients so that everything can be printed either in white/light or black/dark lettering." Does that help answer your question? Looking forward to see what you design! Best, Jess

Oh I'm sorry... I've just overlooked that :-/ Yes, that's it! Everything is clear now :-) Many thanks, Jess!

No problem, you're very welcome :-)

Hey everyone, This is an exciting one. I'm looking forward to see all of the fresh designs- Let your creativity go! Alles Gueti :-) Best, Jess

hello everybody, dear jess! what should be written exactly on the front of the packaging?

Hi Suyani,

Nice to see you! The flap lid should remain the same, with the Ricola logo otherwise the bottom part is only for your design. Feel free to use the 3D Limited Edition Box template in the materials section above.

Best, Jess

Got it, Jess. I understand it shouldn't have any additional text in front like "limited edition" , "special edition" or something else.

I have a question: if one were to focus on a single theme, how does that judging bear on the complete multi-pack and whether the 'style' of the four selections (boxes) ends up being quite different from each other?

Hi Quentin, Ricola is looking for high quality single designs for the limited edition. If you plan a series, please create the visuals using one of the four themes and upload them as single entries. If you have any other questions, just let us know! Best, Jess

Hi Jessica, In fact in the brief there is wrote: "You can develop a design for one of the four themes (Switzerland, Summer, Herbs, Freshness) or a whole series of four designs." Isn't it correct then?

Hello everyone, Sounds good, really a exciting project, healthy brief and clear download material will make this more impact-full. Love to work for it. Good luck to all :)))

Looking forward to it too! :-)

Hai, This is so cool! Nice Project! Just a few question: Can you provide us a English template? Because i don't understand the language used right now,
The transparent area of the back, must we left it complete blank without any design or we can cover a little bit .. may be 25% ... with our design? Ricola have some many types of flavors. So, the new packaging is for all flavors or specific one like, Cranberry, Honey herb , ... Thanks

Hi Leonard, We're happy you like it! We already uploaded the template in English (thanks:) The transparent window must remain transparent. You should focus your main design to fit on the blank panel and if your designs runs over to the side with the transparent window, go for it- but it is important that text can be put on the side panels. So make sure the side panels don't have a distracting background where it would be hard to read text. The flavors of the four pack aren't set, so please focus on one of the four themes given- Switzerland, Summer, Herbs, Freshness.
All the best, Jess

Hi everyone, Does the logo have to be green and white or can that be changed? Thanks! Anna

Hi Anna, Thanks for asking! The Ricola logo must stay the same. You can find that info plus more important details in the briefing above. Best, Jess

Hi Jess! It's been a while...the platform is so different. I'd like to update my entry..do I have to re-submit a new idea to do so? I don't see the option to upload a new slide to my existing idea.

Hi Holly, It has has been a while, great to see you! The platform sure did get a makeover too. To update your entry: Click on the idea you'd like to update, for example via your dashboard under My Ideas. Then you can click on Edit Idea tab on the righthand side of the header bar. From there, you're on your editing page and you can see a "drag and drop or click to add box" at the bottom of the page where you can select your file and upload. On the edit page you can add, change the order of your slides and update your idea description. And don't forget to hit save changes! Anything else I can help you with? All the best, Jess

High Jessica, am thrilled to get started on the project that you have invited everyone to. Best of luck to everyone and may the best creative mind win!!

Hi George, Happy to hear it :) We're all excited about the fresh ideas flowing in!

Dear all Ricola enthusiasts!

We've got a bit of feedback to make sure that we're all going in the right direction straight from the start:

  • You're designing the multi-pack package, that contains 4 different flavors of Ricola herbal drops boxes. It is not the package of the herbal drops directly.

  • Therefore it is not a classic package design it is a Limited Edition. Go wild, go artistic- Be creative with your designs.

We're excited for more awesome graphics, fun illustrations and beautiful works of art! All the best, Jess

ah i also thought, they pick four of the designs for the herbal drops packages, which belong together to the limited edition! but i also just checked the size so 203 mm high is a bit to big for one, so i guess the 4 flavous will lay against each other!

Right, the 4 packages of Ricola drops are packaged within the Limited Edition box that you are designing. Happy to make that clear for everyone!

Thanks for this information! At first, I though I have to design 4 little small one! Now it is clear!

Hola, I'm quite new here (this would be my second project) so my question might sound a bit odd but here it is: I got few ideas for this design and I've started working on one. However, while browsing the entries I just realised someone else already came to a similar idea. It is not quite the same, but it's there and it was uploaded first. So basically idea is somewhat similar, but the design won't be. Do I give it up or is it ok to complete and submit it and let the crowd judge? Thanks :)

Hi spectrum_pie, Great to have you here :-) And a very good question! It's important that you go through ideas first to make sure you're ideas aren't too similar to any that exist in the project already. However, it depends on the uniqueness of the idea itself and your execution. You can always upload your idea and then ask a project guide or the person directly whose idea you think it's similar to. Then we can decide what's the best and most respectful way to go on with your idea. Thanks again for asking! All the best, Jess

Thanks Jessica, it is a good idea. I will think about it, whether to upload it or not and if I do, I will let you know so we can decide what to do with it :)

*update> I moved on and submitted something completely different :)

Dear All,

We just received a prototype of the limited edition packaging that we wanted to share with you and give you some first feedback and directions. So made a short video explaining these points, you can have a read through or check out the video in the briefing above!

• First of all – this is the large outer packaging, which contains 4 small boxes of Ricola herbal drops. As you can see here´s the main space for your design – on the larger outer package. Its NOT about the packaging design of the small original Ricola boxes BUT for a limited edition of this multi-pack.

• Ricola is looking for 4 Limited Edition designs, each one based on one of the certain themes – that is switzerland, summer, herbs, and freshness. We recommend to submit your design one by one.

• Please keep in mind its not about a classic package design – its about an artistic stylish and cool design for a Limited Edition that makes people want to grab your artwork off the shelves.

• So please create something unique and original! (That means please do not just use a photoshop filter – and if you use a cliché make sure its in a unique and artistic way.)

• Please keep in mind not to change the logo color and size on the top of the box. But playing subtly with the brand in your artwork is appreciated.

And that's it for now from outside. Go wild! We are excited to see your outstanding Limited Editions!

Best, Jess & Jesko

... nice to see you :)

woooooo !!!!! it's pretty nice to see you both :))) it would be awesome to have this type of videos on every project. The jovoto project guides are very very important and beyond the fact that the information is clearer with a video, it also creates a deeper connection between the creatives and the project guide. at least for me it does. and Jesko ! you're pretty tall dude ! :)))) and Jess ! MRRRRRRRRRRRRR ;))))))))

loved watching the video...very helpful! Thank you Jessica! :)

VERY helpful video! Thanks a lot for this! :)

Guten tag, Jessica. my German is not so good, but I'm studying now.
Anyway, I'm fresh new, here, at this site and now I'm trying to understand how everything works here. :)

Welcome dear Kamen!

If you have any questions feel free to ask us.

Yours Jesko

great job jesko and jessica :)

Thank you eeshu! = ) Next time I´ll make sure not to cut my head off. = )

about 6 years ago

Super feed back!

Thanks everyone! We're really glad it's helpful for you. It was also pretty fun to make ;)

hi, which size has the box?

Hi there, The box is about 36.5 cm in height. If you click on the "Cutting pattern of outer packaging box" link above in the briefing, (under Download material) you'll find all of the detailed measurements there. All the best, Jess

almost 6 years ago

This sounds like a really nice project! Would love to participate. Hopefully I'v got enough time to participate before it ends... Let's see.

Hi Marco, Thanks! We're excited too. You've still got over a month to submit- hopefully you'll find some time!

almost 6 years ago

Hi Jess, how many ideas can a participant submit? Is there a limit of four ideas? Regards Sabine

Hi Pinstripe, The idea limit for this project is 10 ideas. Looking forward to see your submissions :-)

almost 6 years ago

Hi Jess, thanks for your quick reply .-)

Dear herbal enthusiasts, Heads up! We're having our halftime feedback this Wednesday. We'd love to show the client the broadest range possible to help with the on going direction of the project- Therefore, it would be great for you to upload any new ideas you've got, make updates and developments or ask any questions before Wednesday! And we'll get back to you with the client feedback as soon as we can :) All the best, Jess

Hi, Jessica. Can i upload a different approach to the same idea? If i can, How should i post it? Thanks!!

Hi Maria, Very good question! If you'd like to develop your idea (as you said- show a different approach to the same idea or a variation) you can definitely submit it as an attachment to your already existing submission. This way, we can see how your idea develops and you can keep your ratings and comments together :) To do that, you can add attachments just like you uploaded your first slides: Go into the idea that you'd like to add to (you can go from your dashboard or profile overview) and click "Edit your idea". From there under "Attachments" you can drop or add files. Looking forward to your different approach! ;) Best, Jess

Thank you very much, Jessica! :)

Dear All,

there´s still some more days to fine-tune your submission for the halftime feedback – it has been postponed to monday, 8th of December. Keep in mind its about a limited design edition, focused on outstanding artworks and illustrations for one of the four themes Switzerland, Summer, Herbs, Freshness.

Yours Jesko

So excited about this product.

With regard to the halftime feedback I have a little question. It is said: "Animals or FLOWERS might not be a perfect match for Ricola´s herbal drops". I'm working with blossoms because herbs are blooming very beautiful as well: http://www.ricola.com/en-ch/World-of-herbs/Ricola-herbology/The-magic-13-herbs ...Now I'm not sure if it's ok or not. Many thanks for a feedback!!

I agree with Esther. A lot being use in the Summer's theme. How about herbs that have flowers? Many herbs that Ricola used have beautiful flowers.

Just flowers might fit to "summer" but not yet to herbal drops. I think herbs that are flowers might be a very good suggestion in this case. = )

Regarding " Design elements should not overlay logo", is it we cannot design or put anything behind the logo? The logo itself already have a white outline which clearly highlight the client's brand.

Dear Leonard,

of course you can design the background. Its just that design elements should not be over the logo. = )

Yours Jesko

Thanks, Jesko. That's mean design elements should not cover or hide the client's logo. Got it!

And what happens to animals? I have a job unfinished with Swiss goats. The relationship is that the Swiss goats eat herbs, and these herbs are so good that goats fall in love. I do not know whether to continue with this project!

Hi Inkice, Using animals in your design is not the best fit for the Ricola brand, however if there is a story that makes sense why your using animals in your design, than it can make sense. Just think- does this story and imagery fit the Ricola brand? I'll comment more under your idea :) Best, Jess

Thank you very much Jess, doubt solved!

great project, I’m happy to be here! Because I’m „new“ I just want to say „hello“!

Hello NoLimitDesign! Good luck! :-)

thank you for the nice welcome! I wish you all good luck, too! :-)

Thank you for your nice welcome!

Welcome NoLimitDesign and good luck!

Hello, NoLimitDesign, cheers! =)

Very Nice video , thanks Jesko and Jess:>

Cool feedback video :)

Thanks :-) It was fun to make and we're happy it's helpful for you!

See you next year! Have a nice christmas time and a happy new year!

You too, Steve! All the best for the holiday season and New Year to everyone :)

Happy Holidays and a happy new year!!!!!!

Merry christmas and happy new year for all. Have fun!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!! Καλά Χριστούγεννα (Kala Xristougenna)

I am from Ecuador, I can participate?

Yes you can! Welcome and good luck!

Yes you can I can participate

Of course you can! jovoto is an international sandbox- We are happy to have you here :)

thks so much! Dear Jess

Hello Jessica!

I would like to know how works the "top 100" ideas. What are the requirements to be there? Thank you and happy new year!


Hi Bruno, The community ranks are determined by the number of stars that an idea is given. We also have a complex algorithm that not only takes the amount of stars, but amount of submissions in a project and when it's been submitted so it's fair no matter when you submit an idea. If you're receives a lot of stars, it moves up in rank! If you're ranked from 1-100, than you are in the top 100 ideas. We use a top 100 filter so those idea have an equal and random chance to be rated. I hope that helps answer you're question! There are also more answers in our FAQ section here: http://www.jovoto.com/support And of course, you can always ask us! All the best, Jess

Nice Jessica! Thanks for your answer :)

Just checking ... some updates & new idea. And i found out that some of the FRESHNESS Theme use wave , coral & fish. IMO, i don't think it is really suitable because it give me the interpretation of "smell of the sea" , which is not from the mountain, the interpretation of " smell like a fish", which it is no a pleasant smell! What do you guy think?

What's your problem with individual interpretations of freshness? Someone using childish illustrations, another one cows , the third one corals? Should we now interpret that the one smells like a cowshed, the others like fish or sea, and the third like baby food? This I don't understand! So please "Open your mind for a different view and nothing else matter!" And keep on creating things with heart and soul! The rest the clients will decides! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yes! Open mind! But, don't forget the halftime feedback stated " please make sure your design idea is not too far from the brand." ( Animals & flowers might not be a prefect match for Ricola's herbal drops.)" Once again, in my opinion, don't let the unrelated & unsuitable elements blind fold you thinking! Think outside the box! The halftime feedback is a good & positive to help us developing the idea further with heart, soul & mind!

Once again: What's your problem? I don't understand it, sorry! I think the halftime feedback is present for every designer. So, if someone cares about it or not is also a decision by himself. We are not the jury and not the client. Only these will choose whats fits to the target main group. We are living in a world where we are free to create what we are think and feel and NOT what will forbidden by someone else. Except themes they are a NO GO. I can't see, that e.g. a sailor should be a No Go…and let you say: I am in that target main group and a hidden lover grandma of sailors, corals, sea, animals, flowers, childish designs a.s.o. :))

It's not worth fighting over Ru Flair, don't worry about my sailor! :) If Leonard here is so offened by my design my advice is not to look at it and rest assure the client knows what they are looking for so no worries, if it's that off the summer theme I won't hget picked anyway-end of story! Don't let others steal your joy and thank you for the support. I wish everyone the very best at this competition! :)

To be honest is very hard! Halftime feedback is indeed for everyone!I just try to help everyone to improve with my honesty! So, do the client! That's why the halftime feedback Is from the client! Don't be so offensive! Sensitive help you improve your idea, not hurting each other! Yes! It is not worth a fight! Dear Antonana, don't worry! Be confident! You still have time to develop you idea! You still can win!

Any grace mark for Good team? !!!!

Hi there, The briefing and the feedback is there to explain the task and direction- the jovoto Team as well. Everyone has his or her interpretation of how to accomplish that and there is also room to comment express your opinion, constructively and respectfully. I think you're all saying the same thing- we're here to create and work together! So let's respect each others work and opinions. All the best, Jess

Dear all submitters and submitters to come :)

It's been a good run and now we're in the last end spurt!

Get in all your last ideas and updates before tomorrow evening (Berlin time, of course ;) and you have another chance to make sure all requirements are covered- logo in the right place, check! pack shot included, check! Switzerland, Summer, Herbs, Freshness, check!

Looking forward to see all your updates :) Thanks and all the best, Jess

Good luck to everyone!!!

So bad, I’m too late. Good luck for you, guys!

Dear Submitters, Commentors & Raters,

Great job- You completed this task with a total of 498 designs, some really awesome work! You've done a pretty good job with ratings so far, currently totaling up at 16103 but we'd love to see more! Show you're support and get scrolling through all these great designs :)

We'll get back to you once the final rating monitoring is done and the winners are announced. Thanks again and all the best, Jess

Dear Jess,

I'd love to rate on those designs, but as my profile always seems to show this bloody "This community member´s ratings are under review and are currently not factored into..." box I don't see a reason why I should vote for anyone (and yet I did for my favourite ones and some others). One should think that this box should go one day, but mine has been there for more than a year now! And I didn't do anything wrong I promise! I just favoured some ideas and bashed really really bad ones, that was all. And I don't see a reason in always putting five or six stars on middle class ideas, I always just rate really good or really poor (in my thinking and regarding the briefing (some ideas are really great but they just miss the briefing)) ideas. So if this box will go some day (maybe!) I will start rating again. :-)

Hi VauKa, I'll contact you via private message and we can discuss your ratings there! Best, Jess

Hi! I'm a little confused. The community prizes are for the first 12 places in the ranking? So haaaaard ;_; Btw, Good luck to everyone!!

Hi Raven_04,

That's right, in this project the first 12 ranks are rewarded with the community prizes, ranging from 1,500- 250 euro.

In addition to the community prizes (in this specific project) there is a guarantee that 4 ideas will licensed by the client for 2,500 euros each. A total of 16 chances to win.

The Client's Choices and Jury Awards allow you to win even if you aren't in the top 12 ranks- and sometimes the clients are so happy they license even more than is guaranteed in the briefing :)

Good luck and all the best, Jess

Did you see the new Ricola facebook album? https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.878534572198083.1073741834.130246043693610&type=1 Do that mean, the Ricola jury just selected this designs (shortlist about 45 designs) and Ricola’s Facebook fans may then choose the final winners that will be produced?

Hi denkdifferent, I was just drafting a comment about that. No, their facebook page is not the official Jury Choice. I will write back with more info on that soon! All the best, Jess

But, Jury selection only these group works. ( inside the 45 works )? Very sad.

Hey there, As I mentioned below, Ricola is starting the process of internally reviewing all of your awesome ideas and we'll have the final Jury short list, ready for the facebook vote in June. Best, Jess

Greetings Jess , a doubt . I mean that recent designs Ricola on Facebook are not final ? Thanks and Good day (:

Hi Luis, That's correct, the ideas Ricola put on facebook is not the final Jury decision. That will be made in June. We'll get back to you with the update then! All the best, Jess

Thanks so much Jess! nice day :)

You're welcome! You too :)

Finished my ratings! Amazing, awesome many works, thank you very much for making me enjoy so while I see! Authentic artists! Good luck for all

Hi there,

We just got word that Ricola is already beginning their internal review of all of your awesome ideas and reviewing packaging options. We will inform you as soon as we have the final ideas going into the facebook vote- however it will not be until June.

We'll get back to you with the short list and answer any further questions when summer rolls around. Until then, thanks for all your participation and great job- Ricola has a lot of work ahead of them ;)

Best, Jess

Thank you for this information, Jess! :)

Dear community, because of I have no TV and Radio I first today heard of the dramatically happenings in Paris. I'm speechless and very sad. We are all designers and we create things that could change some moments in the life of someone else. In solidarity with the victims I changed my profile and placed a banner with the tag "Je suis Charlie". We are a big community and maybe we can send a sign in the world, when we change all our profile fotos for a while?! What do you think? Thank you for attention and peace in this world!

Dear ru flair,

thanks a lot for your comment and engagement! This is indeed a topic that touches the whole world currently – and me personally, too. Sometimes I can not believe whats going on in the world and I am even more thankful to work in a peaceful environment – with you – creatives from all over the world, together! I can totally understand that you feel like doing something, and I think as creatives its part of our duty to put positive directions in the world to make it at least a little better.
So feel free to change your profile picture occasionally if you like.

But please leave this thread for the briefing and client – if you need further space for discussion or initiatives please let me know.

Yours Jesko

Hey everyone,

It's the last countdown, only 6 hours left to the rating period! So far 20 of you have rated over 400 ideas - great job. Let's see how many more you can add before the project closes!

Thanks! All the best, Jess

Hello Jessica, I'm new at jovoto. I got several emails: xy loves your idea. Is this an automatically generated mail within the rating process and with which rating amount does one get such a mail?Thanks playground

Hi playground, You're right, it's an auto-message when someone rates your idea with a 9 or 10. If you have any other questions feel free to check out the FAQs by clicking Support in the footer of the page or write us in the Support Center. We're always happy to help! All the best, Jess

Omg! good luck to all! :D

Good luck and best wishes to all! It was an exciting and wonderful project. My first time as a colaborator, thank you for considering me for sharing this experience, and big thanks both Jess and Jescko for the guidance =D

Thanks Iván! It was an exciting project, get back to you with the winners ASAP :-) All the best, Jess

Thank you very much to you Ivan, my first time too and was very very good! Without your help I could not have finished my project! Good luck with your other ideas!

Many thanks Inkice. All the best for you too, amiga =)

Dear all creators, submitters, commentors and raters,

Great job and thanks for all amazing work :) It was my pleasure to guide this project! And I'd like to say congratulations to all the winners- well done, it was a tough one with so many great ideas.

We'll be back in June with the Jury short list! All the best until then and here's a winner announcement post I wrote for you guys! Jess

(E.g. Animals or flowers might not be a perfect match for Ricola´s herbal drops.) Halftime Feedback A BIG COW WITH FLOWERS win :))) must be joking! :))SO WHAT DOES THE JOVOTO GUIDES IN GENERAL ?

so feedback doesn´t matter here ;)

almost 6 years ago

congrats to all winners .-)

Congrats to the winners!!!!

Congrats 2 all winners!

Congrats to everyone!

To save time in congratulating everyone individually-congrats to the winners and to all thank you for your nice comments, stars and kind congrats on my piece-you are all so lovely and supportive! All the best to everyone Re: client's choice, there are many, many great designs! xox

Congratulation to every winners !!!!


I join the general congratulations on not go one by one! Awesome work!

Congratulations to all the winners! I enjoyed working on this project and the process brought me pleasure =)

congratulations. many impressive illustrations ! :)

Today I've received the surprise box from Ricola, for which I'm very grateful! It was indeed a big surprise, so many delicious gifts! :) Thank you very much Ricola!! And of course thank you jovoto for making this happen :)

congrats =) but surprise box? for what?

everybody who participated gets one! :) you only need to mail them with your postal address.

Hi Christin, We sent out a thank you message via PM, this included info about receiving the surprise from Ricola. Best, Jess

I also get the surprise package from Ricola today! :) Thanks a loooot! My daughter grab it faster as I can watch ;)

:( hi guys, looking forward to my Ricola surprise package hehe : D

I have it in the post office, tomorrow I'll go get it! Excited!

So delicious!!! Thanks a lot Ricola!

Wow!!! I haven't yet checked. What a news =D

Hi! Today received a parcel! Did not expect to be so much candy!!! Very grateful to the company "RICOL". I am and my family is happy =)

I received today Ricola surprise package :) Thanks so much to the company!!!

I received today Ricola surprise package :) Thanks so much to the company

Thank you RICOLA for a sweet candy package!

i got mine too.. thanks a lot =)

Thank you RICOLA for sweet surprise! :-) Super drops!

Thank you for all of your thank yous :) We'll make sure the client knows how much you appreciated your surprises! All the best, Jess

Yesterday my Family received Ricola surprise gift. Thanks.

over 5 years ago

Hi there, Ricola. Thanks a lot for that great box full of goodies .-)

Finally I was able to receive the delicious gift. Big thanks for that soothing box. Extremely delicious. Many many many thanks Ricola. Love it!!!! =D

Glad you received it! Enjoy :)

Hai, Jess! Any latest update on the project?

Hey there , The facebook voting will be held in July! There isn't an official date set yet, but we'll get back to you with an update as soon as we have the final info and dates. All the best, Jess

Exciting News! The Ricola Facebook Voting just started today at 5pm. Have a look at: Ricola Facebook Voting.

Hi Jess, I'm not seeing any polls on their FB page following your link.

I can't access yet. The app has restricted access to me :(

over 5 years ago

got the same problem as orangerender .-(

Hi Jess! ANy chance we can get a new link? :) Thank you!

Hey there everyone,

Thanks for your close attention to the facebook vote! The reason that some votes aren't registering is because the client decided that only the country in which these special edition boxes will be sold, will be invited to vote. These countries include Switzerland, Italy and Singapore. For all the others, we'll just have to keep up and see what happens!

All the best, Jess

Hey Jess,

Thanks for the explanation.

Where can we at least see the chosen designs, if we're not able to vote?

Regards, John.

I just check the Ricola Italy's photo: https://www.facebook.com/RicolaItaly/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums. I saw some of the selection.

over 5 years ago

Hi Jess, aren't those boxe sold in Germany, too? Regards Sabine

Hi Pinstripe, The boxes will only be sold on the market in those 3 countries. Looks like we'll have to take a short trip to Switzerland ;)

over 5 years ago

or singapore

over 5 years ago


How interesting! so only those three countries will be voting on all 20 designs? Even though we don't live in that country we still have a chance of winning?

good question.

The winner is the winner no matter what country they are from :)

does facebook work that way?

just do wonder.

Well, it's obviously the client's decision. There isn't much to say against that. And it might be a nice task for a statistician to figure out the chances. But since some of the rankings are quite close it might easily make a difference whether a finalist has his (facebook) friends in his country voting for him or not. Or am I mistaken there?

over 5 years ago

Actually I'd assume that finalists that "don't live in that country we still have a chance of winning", but that the chances of finalist who do live in this three countries might be better.

Hello! From the Italy's Ricola facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RicolaItaly/photos/a.905014016208652.1073741828.892758637434190/949446605098726/?type=3&theater, the winner have been announced! Congratulation to all the winner!

Tomasso isn't your design one of the 4 winners?? If so-congrats! And of course CONGRATS to the other 3 winners! :)

Hi there, it is now possible to know the designs selected for the vote and see their scores? I could not see anything and even if it was selected one of mine ...

Hi there Inkice, I'll check on that for you and get back to you! Best, Jess

I'll write you via private message :) Best, Jess

Check it out Ricola has announced the final winners- Congratulations to you four!

Congrats to the final 4!!! :)

... and congratulations to the 4 winners!

Finally =D !!!! All the 20 desings I could see (because a friend of switzerland) were great. Congrats to the final winners!!!

Dear creatives,

We’re got the official announcement from Ricola with the 4 ideas that have won the Jury prize.

Let’s give it up for the winning ideas:

Oha lätz! by Jessica Kleffner

Ricola´s summer greetings by Hopsi

Memories by tommasoballadore

Fresh Herbs by EstherGeraldine

Congratulations! If you're in Switzerland, Italy or Singapore, you’ll have to keep your eyes out for any exciting new Ricola packages and let us know!

All the best, Jess