Bringing back the classics.
The design focused on women and their preferences. It's also about making Ricola visible at stores.


"Bringing back the classics" edition focuses on women and their love for elegant, special, personalized and trustworthy products. Furthermore, the design is also about making Ricola pop up more at any shelf at a store since now it's lost among other highly colorful packages of competitors.

What does your design show?

The design shows one of the main ingredients of Ricola, which is Salvia or Pimpinella herb. It is represented in an illustrative, old drugstore packages inspired design.

Which category (Switzerland, Summer, Herbs, Freshness) is your design focused on?

It is focused on herbs.

What is the unique idea about your design?

It is a minimal, classy and yet sophisticated design, which I believe will let the product pop up in any shelf at a store better than a flashy, colorful designs that simply get lost in vibrancy. The design is inspired by an old drugstore packages, as a result, I see it representing the freshness that herbs of Ricola provide, in a trustworthy manner. What's more, it is focused on women and has an elegant touch of slim lines and classy fonts, giving a feeling of "special" or "gift" product.

Is there a special story behind your design?


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