Lady Of Herbs
Digital Painting


Ricola uses the phrase "13 magic herbs". The design uses the concept of herbs and magic, showing a beautiful woman, whose essence are herbs.

What does your design show?

Magical, mystical ... half herbs, half woman. In the drawing shown as each of her hair are actually herbs. She is the Lady of herbs, magical mother who takes care of them and cares.

Which category (Switzerland, Summer, Herbs, Freshness) is your design focused on?


What is the unique idea about your design?

Create a mystical and magical, beautiful atmosphere, full of sense of Ricola. Only for a limited edition and women fall in love.

Is there a special story behind your design?

Long ago I fell for the story of the Lady of the Snows, a legend of Yuki-Onna. In it, an eerie, supernatural woman of great beauty, long hair, white skin and pale appears people lost in the mountains in temporary full of snow to spare an agonizing death from the harsh conditions of the storm they were surprised. When is before them, the calm and sleep until calm down, lose consciousness and die without suffering. Why not also fall in love with Lady of Herbs?

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