Summer freshness
Every drop of Ricola could take you to the landscape of the Swiss summer full of herbs.


Ricola offers you an escape from the everyday life to the harmony of Swiss pure nature and the experience of a lovely summer picnic.

What does your design show?

Ricola drops fills you in with the experience of a summer picnic. Relaxes your mind and soul like you were away from city noise.

Which category (Switzerland, Summer, Herbs, Freshness) is your design focused on?

My design focuses on a little bit of all of the categories because Ricola herb drops include all the freshness that Swiss summer nature has to offer.

What is the unique idea about your design?

In my opinion the uniqness of my idea is hidden in summarizing all of the categories. The design is cute and anyone can relate to. Inspires and reminds us to take on the challenges of pure nature and don't forget to spend time with our loved ones in a special place.

Is there a special story behind your design?

The design was born out of my own life experience. I try to take all opportunities to spend my time full of joy and with things make me happy.

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