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There is something in the air...


I use the four themes as a symbol for the four seasons. Herbs=Spring , Summer=Summer ;) , switzerland= golden autumn and freshness=winter. For me Ricola should be in our bags the whole year because there are so many things that can happen where we need it...on our first date, when we do sport or take a long walk through the nature of switzerland. That is one of the reasons i decided to draw a panorama illustration of a "year with Ricola". The DIY character stays the same :)

What does your design show?

Two people meet on there first date in spring. They enjoy the day and the nice smell of herbs and the good taste of Ricola. Maybe they get enough chrüterchraft for the first kiss...?;)

Which category (Switzerland, Summer, Herbs, Freshness) is your design focused on?

Herbs and switzerland

What is the unique idea about your design?

Four boxes to collect and the opportunity to coloring the box in the own style. Because Ricola and there friends are unique so the boxes should be the same:)

Is there a special story behind your design?

And again....nothing as the love of drawing:)

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