Fruit of the Alps
An alpine farmer enjoying the fruit of his land: Ricola!


Using popular Swiss colours and iconography I've created a scene that is typically Swiss in our minds. The core concept is that Ricola is the fruit of the alps. I've depicted this by literally dotting the landscape with Ricola instead of the flora that we are used to seeing. The farmer is shown at a critical moment – he has just picked a Ricola from his field and is about to put it in his mouth.

What does your design show?

An alpine farmer enjoying the fruit of his land: Ricola! Behind him a grassy landscape is dotted with yellow Ricola and an abstracted Matterhorn.

Which category (Switzerland, Summer, Herbs, Freshness) is your design focused on?


What is the unique idea about your design?

We are all familiar with images of Switzerland depicting summertime amidst the alps: rugged mountains, blue skies and grassy fields dotted with bright flowers. I've drawn on this scene, but added a twist. An alpine farmer with a red and white checkered shirt and typically alpine green hat is about to savour a Ricola Herb Drop. Behind him, I've abstracted a rendering of the Matterhorn and dotted the landscape not with flowers but with Ricola, because Ricola is the fruit of Swiss herbology.

Is there a special story behind your design?

I've illustrated this scene in the mid century modern style because this was a time when Ricola truly gained popularity. The style is very relevant today as mid century modernism again comes into the spotlight. The result, I feel, is warm and friendly, international and distinctive – qualities that I feel represent Ricola.

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