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The Project

Ricola asked our community to create a stylish, cool and exclusive limited edition of the Ricola packaging design. The task was to develop an attractive design for the limited edition of the Ricola herb drops for a special multi-pack that contains four boxes of different Ricola herb drops – and will be available to buy in 2016.

The jovoto community jumped into this task and created outstanding designs and results! A total of 495 ideas have been created, 4,400 comments led to 1442 iterations and updates and 23,470 ratings have been placed.

A great success – and A Big Thank You

Being overwhelmed and thankful for the amazing work the jovoto community did – here´s a personal thank you message from Ricola:

A Big Thank You From Ricola from jovoto on Vimeo

„Dear Jovoto Crowd

We’d like to thank you for your extraordinary exertion in creating so many different designs regarding our Ricola packaging design project.

The result of the campaign are a lot of inspiring, innovative and emotional designs which are very convincing and impressive concerning your high professional skills and creativity on it!

In a next step all designs will be voted by the Ricola employees to choose 5 designs per theme (herbs, swissness, summer and freshness) to be voted in a Facebook app in spring/summer 2015
Through this a final design per theme will be chosen and finally launched in the markets.
A huge thank you for your great support on this campaign and for showing us your passion and your affection to the brand Ricola and its products.

Your Ricola Marketing Team


Thanks a bunch everybody for taking part from the jovoto team, too! – It's a great pleasure to browse and have a closer look at the beautiful designs you created:

Awarded ideas