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This is a very exciting contest.... looking forward to working on it..... :) :)

Glad you are interested in this contest, we're really excited about it here at Marriott. Please push your thinking to be bold and innovative!

Are u going to be giving any sort of room layout to go by or we r free to take watever we like as long as it has 4 walls and 1 exterior facing window?

Free as a bird, exactly - as long as it has four walls with one windowed wall and with a footprint that can accommodate up to four adults. Looking forward to your ideas!

Hi Nathalie! May be it will be good for competition, if all competititors create room with defined, concretely square meters!

I think they want us to think outside the box on this one..

let's all camp on the lawn. is that out of the box enough or you?

Yepp, teigan, that would def responds to all our needs! Yes, Holly, thanks - think outside the box! As one trend also goes towards living on less space (see our Life Edited contest from late last year), we didn't even want to limit you in the size. Go unleash your creativity ;)

One Question, by 2022 and later am i allowed to make a 5th Element Submission? Where cars can fly etc.? Because my stuff would probably got better into 2100 :D

But well on the other side you never know maybe tonight a genius rocket scientist is born and develops a flying car in age of 10 xD

The flying cars will arrive in 2023, CIA intel, but for you we can make an exception,...!

there already are flying cars. we call them airplanes.

You are free to think outside the box and as far into the future as you like. If you would prefer some design constraints, use a 312-square foot (13’ x 24’) footprint. But that is not absolutely necessary, that's just the footprint of a current Marriott guestroom.

Great project to work on.

will this be another silent jury which can neither explain nor validate their decisions?

... ... ... the crickets have spoken.

it's definitely not cricket

gwahahaha -i wouldnt expect miracles this early from christmas,and late from eid al-adha.

in all likelihood,the top4 community favourites at the last 5mins of voting will be jury choice.

Interesting assumption. Did you check out the 'Restaurant Transformer' jury choice? First prize for an idea that wasn't even in the Community's Top 50... looks to me that they did take the time to go through all submissions.

I will be pushing the jury to be heavily involved :)

i hope it works jetton. nsonne is quite pushy herself, and yet she lacks pull. it is considered good practice for there to be a formal jury statement at the close of a contest. we never see that on jovoto. can we blame anyone for being suspicious given the constant lack of disclosure?

I'll make sure we get a formal jury statement. Thanks for your suggestion.

no problem. the will be so much clearer than nathalie doing another modern dance interpretation of what the jury was thinking.

footprint that can accommodate up to four adults!!!!!!!, why ? it will very big , why not a single room , we would like to focus on the concept , not on how many beds or how big the table is,,,,,!!!!!

2 double beds fits four adults, that's not so bad....

It's UP TO four adults. If you'd like to design around a single room, go ahead...

Should the room be open plan ie only four walls or can we have partitions within those four walls?. I am assuming we can have partitions/ dividing walls..Is the room meant to be a suite? From the brief it seems like the room, would be a suite that can accommodate extra two persons..

You can have partitions if you'd like.

Hi! Nathalie, there are similarities between my ideas which I submitted earlier and some others ideas...Please read my description,which I uploaded before theirs... Can you suggest how to resolve it.? I know there is bound to be some amount of overlap in ideas..If you can specify what someone can and cannot use from an earlier idea ,it would be helpful...

Rereading my own comment, I realised that it comes across as if I don't want others to use any of the ideas mentioned, that wasn't my intention. I want others to be able to use any general themes mentioned but not use any specific ideas and I thought a neutral person mentioning the framework of similarities allowed would be best..

hey szach, as always you can take sparks from your former ideas, but you have to develop them further so they stand out, are unique. Point me towards the idea that concerns you and I can tell you if it's to similar or not (just shoot me a private message)!

Hi! Nathalie , I have sent a private message..I wasn't talking about me using others concepts , but the possibility of others using some concepts I mentioned in my description..since I was among the first persons submitting the ideas and had given detailed description about what I intend to use ,there is a chance of overlap between ideas..Jovoto says it is first come first serve, it is the one who posts first who can use that idea and gets the credit for it... I wanted to know what can be common among entries and what cannot be common to avoid any strain between me and other contestants over common ideas..

Dear Experts , I have a question! What people mostly dont like in modern hotels? may be marriott have some statistics, resaurch about it? if we know what people dislike we can predict the future! And what trends now what people do expect from good guest room? and what is primary and secondary things there?

May be people need unic interior, home-style interior, more private-more public/semipiublic (for example with window at stadio as in Carlsberg ad), etc . ??????


Very good question and very relevant..I second what Jevgenijs has asked..Some research I found online... There is a white paper on the hotels sponsored by one of Marriott's rival companies, you can look it up online ( video).. I didn't post the link because this is Marriott's competition.To make a hotel better one has to study it's rivals also :) . Doesn't mention things disliked by people, but mentions hotel trends of the future, based on research. Trip adviser has some studies too....look at hotel reviews and see what people complain most about... What I learnt from research is that Marriott's customer loyalty points system is rated very highly by the patrons so that system will remain even in future....

I also wrote a little inspiration blogpost that links to a couple of studies... in case you haven't seen it yet, check it out here!

Thanks Nathalie, very useful blog post..

Nathalie, thanks, have seen blogpost - useful! energo-efficiency is the key there.

I am working on getting you answers to these questions. Stay tuned...

Here's some inspiration for you all:

Bacta Tank from Empire Strikes Back

Talk about SUBMERSIVE!

about 9 years ago

I think it would be quite an interesting way to bathe. The tank would be a cross between a bath and a shower, but you'd be completely submerged. I'd love to see some of the designers take this concept and run with it...

I would love to add a flotation tank like isopod only deeper say full height ,with gentle water rotation, floating, swimming, and immersion in conjunction with isophone ie sensory deprivation tank combined with an enhanced thinking/creativity/communication tank.The tank being used for both. I have a few doubts: a) Can I have two or more layouts of different sizes within the same main hotel concept.?.like we have different suite types and sizes.. To add the flotation tank I would need more space than currently in my plan..I would also like to show one layout without the tank.. b) Is the layout more important than the features inside? ie space saving vs a room with a lot of features.Would each have equal importance..what is Marriott looking for? The ideas inside or the special space saving layout plans or a combination of both? Thank you for your suggestions Mr Jetton..

Experimental guest room created by Marriott at one of their hotels including the latest current technology ..Since busins asked for such information , I am sharing it with everyone.

Hi, everyone! begin to see some wonderful projects in this competition! So, I look for someone help me develop my project ... You can not imagine how much my computer has struggled to make the rendering of the restaurant contest ... and my program does not even shadows!!! ... days and days of work ... This time it cant's do it! I hope to work with someone who seems so easy to create beautiful rendering and to jointly develop the ideas I have and he/she has. Wait your contact or I'm forced to leave this competition :( Thanks, Silvia

Opsss... sorry... could I write it here? Nathalie, please, can you delete my message If you think it not appropriate here? Thanks.

Hey Silvia, no worries - next time it's best if you just post it underneath your idea, but now that you posted it here, it's fine too and we hope you'll find a collaborator soon. So ladies and gents, team up with Silvia to help her make her idea a success please!

With the idea to be to 'push the reset button'- why limit the room space to four walls with a window? Seems counterintuitive to me- most of the open space would be considerably cheaper to construct. I'd be thinking that operating and maintenance costs were the expensive part anyway.

Hey Kwazai, go ahead - if you look at the current ideas, you'll see that a lot of them didn't limit their spaces to 4 walls with a window ;) Stretch your thinking, curious to see what you'll come up with!

I'm way to short on time. Was going to try. Idea was to get out of nitch(nitchze?) markets. Add efficiency apts. with elevator garages. add store fronts. add the gym, the restaurants, the boutique shops etc. Each side of the building had its target customer.. Some of the downtown urban mall integrated hotels come to mind. Most guest rooms look to be one car garage size- little more than a bed,desk,bath and tv/wifi. They are typically rectangles-where are the square rooms and the round rooms. I lean toward integrated green design (H2O Overhaul?) ideas-green roofs, etc. What I know of business landscaping is contract based- why not have them in house to supply the restaurant...etc. etc. maybe someone else has the time to pursue it. My own little bit of sketches were dome shaped with waterfalls at the enclosed porches, an artificial stream thru the restaurant complete with botanicals and a Big Band...LOL-not concise or pretty either.... L8r Mike

Hey Mike, it's an interesting approach - and still a couple of days left, any chance this as an idea to the contest? Hope so!

Ladies and Gents,

we had a quick call with the client yesterday. They're really psyched about the current submissions. Also, there is not a general trend in ideas they prefer - be it the luxury or the budget version (though $1 is a bit too little to make money of it, obviously), they're mostly interested in seeing you really stretch your thinking - so (continue to) be dreamers and totally rethink the system! If there's one thing you could work on over the past couple of days, that would be to get away from focusing on one element only and make your concepts well holistic (if it's not already).

We also decided to extend the rating period by another week, so we don't have the contest ending in the middle of the holidays. The new deadline for ratings is January 4th - however this does NOT affect the submission deadline, this one is still Dec 21th.

Thanks and happy ideating.

Hey Guys! Take a look on this inspirative videos:

So we can GROW our rooms, we can GROW fresh air, we can live in opur grown flowers, we can live longer and healther! It's real :)


Good question. How? The same problem.

Yes, I have the same problem too! Well, I think the date of this contest may be postponed to allow us to show our ideas in the right way ... right now do not understand anything and do not see updates ...

Guys, I just answered you via private message. Sorry for the inconvenience, this was a bug that should be fixed by now, but if you're still experiencing difficulties, please just let me know via private message for which idea you want which slides on which position. Thanks for your understanding!

Me too, can't arrange the slides update (3 days), to postpone is a good idea.

I have been battling to upload my work for the last 2 days, I really want to enter this project. I thought it was my internet connection at home but I find the same error message where ever I go. Could it perhaps be the international server that is blocking my uploads?

Hey Willis, sorry for that bug, we're working on it. In the meantime, please send me all your stuff via mail ( - idea title, summary, description, slides - and I'll upload it for you. Thanks!

Wishing everyone of the creatives/staff in jovoto.. a Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year! Regards, szach

Thanks, Szach! Happy holidays to you too :)

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all!!!

Happy New Year everybody!

As we've said before, please use the commenting space underneath the briefing for task/contest-related questions and inspiration only. Our support center offers room for general discussions, so I transferred the previous discussion to the public discussion space - check it out here:

A lot of good points have been made, so I ask you to keep on discussing and to give us your input - we are currently working on an enhanced rating tool, but while on it we're always glad about new input!

So long everybody. 3 more days. I'll sure be on my toes ;)

Ah yeah, and before the question comes up - I'll go through the ratings again today and will have cleaned everything in a couple of hours. Also, please excuse the slow response to private messages, let's just say I received a loooooooot of them - but you will get your answers ;)

I regret but it is unable to put comment on linked discussion topic.

Thanks Nathalie.and Happy New Year! to u too..

Guys, I'm on the ratings and coordinating with the jury - please hang in a bit longer, we'll try to get you the winners as soon as possible! Thx.

is this contest abandoned?

Of course not - read above, as you can see I'm asking for your patience to collect the jury decision. As soon as I get it, I will announce the winners.

Thanks for hanging in there guys - we"ll have the decision here tomorrow noon EST! So long*

Guys, thanks for your patience.

So here we go: besides our awesome community winners (CONGRATS GUYS!), we have three lucky jury winners that are - drumroll - ... 1) ORGANIC 2022 by andrepradiktha. 2) Type 1 by RK_341 3) Comma Room by tommylai.

Big, big kudos to you guys, to the community winners and to everyone who participated. Below you'll find a profound feedback from one of the judges, but we also have more feedback on individual ideas which I will paste directly underneath the ideas they commented on. Again, thanks and hope to see you in the next challenge!

"(...) there were two main trends that caught my eye that were instantiated in one way or another in a large number of the designs.

The first of these trends was an effort to include natural features in the rooms. In many cases, this took the form of simulations of actual vegetation in the room, either as 3d objects (I couldn't tell if the proposal was for real or artificial plants in some cases) or as screen-based simulations of plants, grass, or water. In other cases, this simulation of nature took the form of organic shapes -- either curves in the walls themselves or, in some cases, organic shapes of furnishings within the room. I think that it's a fantastic idea to include any such features whenever possible. One of the most frequently replicated findings in environmental psychology is that exposure to natural environments induces healthy changes in mood, cognition, and even our physiological states and our health. Hotel rooms that promote such exposure seem to me to be very likely to be viewed favourably by visitors.

The second trend consisted of a strong emphasis on incorporation of screen-based technologies using novel materials like OLED. Many rooms had very sophisticated display systems that could do everything from simulate panoramic views of the outdoor world to providing fine-grained wall-sized displays of many different kinds of data. Some rooms included systems for monitoring the movements and also, apparently, the feeling-state of the guest so that what appeared on the displays could change dynamically. Although I think it's a laudable idea to take advantage of new materials and technologies to fill a room with information (and, indeed, as some designers showed, such digital information can substitute for certain types of furnishings), it's important not to overdo it. Some designs left me feeling like an astronaut entering the cockpit of the space shuttle. Who would want to learn such complex systems when we already know that many visitors walk into a hotel room and spend the first 10 minutes learning how to change the temperature of the room? Also, if too much of the skin of the room is made into screens, then the visitor may feel somewhat exposed by the dramatic simulated landscapes that surround them. When we sleep or rest, we want to be surrounded by a cocoon of refuge and not a grand vista of starlit skyscrapers.

-the more tech-heavy designs that made my top 7 were ones that provided a more or less blank-slate inside the room, with minimal furnishings and almost all the actual design of the space left up to the occupant to specify either by choice or by means of measurements of behaviour. As mentioned, I think the risk with such designs is that they overwhelm new visitors with a sharp learning curve. The biggest investment in such designs ought to be in the human interface so as to avoid shuttle-astronaut syndrome." Dr. Colin Ellard.

Congrats to all the winners : )

Congrats! to the all winners and Thanks for the feedback from Dr Colin Ellard.

Congrats to all the winners!!!!!