future space : smart room/ hotel
future space /smartroom/hotel


An intutive, interactive, ,tech savy,customisable, power generating,modular leed rated hotel room and hotel building.

Explanation for multi-experience hotel

The hotel rooms on the outside look onto the outside world. Some of the inner rooms overlook an inner experience space which recreates different experiences in smaller scale. That experience space can be a mini rainforest or a mini sandune or a lake like water feature or a waterfall , full height aquariums , a rock climbing area or even a sensory derprivation or enhanced creativity space...an artistic interpretation with sights , lighting and sounds.. This will provide a retreat or relaxation or an exciting experience within the hotel itself and expanding the hotel room and hotel into a an experience space rather than static space.This allows more local people who may not have a lot of money to travel far  to experience some of the experiences that others have..Divide different floors based on the types of experience involved.

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