human keep guessing what future may like. but think the future start from human. nature, organic2022


i try to put very organic compound of shape and space that allow natural human transition with rich media interface and human interface. the space it self like flowing just as the guest step into inner part of the room. the material that i used will be sophisticated hybrid fiber with special finish that has a matte looks. the glass function as a divider and as multimedia panel that connects internet and entertainment to you, everywhere in your room. a new experience for the guest to this standard room is versatility and adaptivity of the space itself to change and transform digitaly by the guest's means or mood. special features are changeable panoramic digital mural across the room; select set of panorama views at any mood like tropical, city/urban, rural, forest, you named it. every panel is touch sensitive and automatically recieve human voice command input that is automatically on duty when the key cards hold near the guest.

-proximity sensor in the hotel card just to open the main room door; that emit LED text 'your room here'

-after guest enter the room, in the left side of panel wall there will be also digital text 'welcome ...' (after the guest name)

-if the bath not in use, the whole space is transparent and when the door locked from inside, an automatic photovoltaic glass blur system is engaged to blur all the inner space of the bathroom.

-the tv is everywhere as you can see glass panel. the guest will have himself motion sensored with heat detector to switch and automatically move the tv screen everywhere near guest.

-the bed shape is round with dia.2meters, and alow many pillows and guest sleep position; the bed itself motorized and can be turn up to 180 degrees. when in wake up position, the bed automatically turn head into the window as the alarm also set for waking up the guest. and as the guest full captain's control, guest can turn the bed manualy, into inner side of the alcoves, with also the sensational full adjustable light to read, napping, watching, chatting, work, sleeping or whatever you named it just from the bed.

-there is a standard desk and bench, also retractable (from floor) living room just if guest recieve another guest.

-wardrobe hid on the wall with artificial light to attract guest when already have take a bath, with standard luggage space and a safe box, also minibar with other standard high hotel accessories.
wait for the updates, explanation and other renders.

-added suite typical room.

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