CELLULAR XY -Biomimicry-
CELLULAR_ the room of the future ***You will no longer worry about feeling comfortable***




A new era emerged on earth. In fact, a new source of energy, created from sun energy and cells, can give an infinite power to the things we use. This will create a boom in what is called "cellular power".
This type of energy is like a "living organism" which automatically adapts to the weather. 
No more worries about the temperature being too cold or too hot when you are inside.

Energy won't be an issue any more; things will be automatic. The new type of glass, for example will be Thermo-automatic ( and based on cell technology). 


As a living organism, the room will be like a human body. The skin, protective layer, will be where the heat exchange will be moderated, thus giving an extreme comfort when being inside. The cells will be part of the interior. These will be the furniture and other accessories. They will work together with the skin and deliver quickly an automatic response to the people living in it. The bones will be there to support the cells and the skin when needed. They will also work as the veins of the building, moderating the outdoor-indoor heat exchange. 
The bathroom will incorporate a vertical relaxation chamber leaving the user into a different world (disconnecting him from the real world)

Everything will be automated. You no longer need to worry about being cold or hot. a water tube next to the central bed will provide the user with fresh water (circulating vertically)

Also, there will be advanced vision glasses available in the room for the guests.

The video attached explains a lot.

Materials List:
Micro-hyposurface technology:
Today, US firm dECOi Architects developed a form changing wall using pneumatic reactiv actuators. In the future, this technology will be better developed and incorporated with structure. It will have the advantage to react to light, touch, sound...etc.

The membranes/structure, will use an advanced carbon nanotube-technology which provides light weight and high-durability. The coating of paint attached to it will be self-healing and also off-gases free.

Scent :
An applied technology using cyclodextrins will absorb smoke, sweat, fats and other sorts of bad air. The flooring will use a system which releases scent molecules in the air. 

Thermochromic pigments are used to change the color of some parts of the room, depending on the guest�s preferences.

Climate/temperature :
All walls will be climate-regulating. They will use advance shape-menory polymers like clothings using the same system nowadays. 


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