Robos are almost living beings.

Robos inhabit guest rooms and make the time enjoyable and comfortable.

Robos respond to the voice, they move, they guess the desire, they cared for.

Today technologies already allow all the proposed beings to become a reality.


He moves himself, following you.

He finds the closet and get up to him to refuel energy as a pit stop.


He walks around the room and cleanes it. This existing robot proves that all the other robos  are real to produce.


He will wash you, make hairstyle, brush teeth, dry hair automatically! Just go to him, he will do the rest.


This is tv-internet portal that recognizes your voice commands. Call him and he comes closer, like a faithful dog.


Intuitive ventilation delivers the purest air possible to the guest room. Just You want the air of pine forests, or air from lavender meadow, for example - and the RoboVent will perform ventilation desire.


You do not have to call in reception - robotic servant always listens to you, carries all the requests and orders, as well as offers special deals.


RoboBed feels when You need a massage or when to bend the headboard or when turn heater. RoboBed recognise voice commands and executes requests automaticly.


His metal neck twists like a cobra. RoboLamp have heat and other sensors to understand how to direct the light, if you're reading, or turn it off if you are sleeping.

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