"Individual design"
Room 2022 "Individual design" – Customizable Comfort


Room 2022 adapts to specific & predetermined client preferences. This concept focuses on having an enjoyable nights sleep as well a memorable & comforting visit.

We are working from a realistic POV in that we are taking a basic room and making it great. We do not deceive ourselves that in 10 years cars will fly and people will walk in glowing clothes :) We feel that people want the ultimate in comfort for a minimal price. Therefore, we are presenting a budget room that transforms into the room of your dreams with the help of our design.

To begin, the customer completes a brief questionnaire online while booking, in the room or at the reception desk while checking in. It's a quick fun procedure.

Marriott guest services will analyze the customer input via a touchscreen panel system and will then adjust the room design (climate, timezone simulation, color, lighting, smells, music, language interfaces, etc.).

Many slides coming in soon, we are working hard! Thank you

Possible additional concepts in the works:
A�dream panel� installed near headboards, the customer can pre-select stimuli which will (ideally) influence dreams. Involving scent, imagery, sound and emotional connection, this dream suite is above and beyond our wildest dreams.

Continuing on with customizable window settings. Pre-select your desired view and a vision screen- thin as air, transmits the desired imagery. Adjust holographic & sensory settings to achieve the view you truly want to see out your window. Stuck in St. Louis? You don�t have to be. Turn on the tropics�sweet smells of flowers, birds singing...

Dinng: Input diet restrictions and preferences into ordering device. View the nutritional content and calories of food before ordering.

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