The room at 2022 will be as desired by the user.


The design idea, is all about simplicity, flexibility and modernism to go along with the future in 2022... By using the latest technology of control, we can control the room's components (Furniture, Lighting and Air condition .....) a  according to the user's requirements and mode at any time.

This idea  gives all the clear space at the first sight, while all the furniture units are hidden in the walls, which makes the regular room totally empty, using micro perforation patterned boards for the ceiling and the walls.

Then the user can move and show the furniture as desired to make the space suitable for dining, sitting, watching TV., or sleeping, resulting into maximum control of space, and maximum use of it as well.

note: the room's dimensions are 4.5m * 9m with 40.5 m2 as a whole area.. Which means that it can be applied on the existing hotel's rooms already.

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