Design "Shell"

The basis of the  project "Shell" was to create the most comfortable, cozy and understandable environment for the life in future. The forms based on the principles of  bionics.  I think,  that everything  which can be created by the man for a comfortable life is closely connected with nature. These forms are  always the most favorable  and allied for the man.
Mobile folding constructions  allowed  to organize the space in the room, a variety  of lighting adds the most conducive atmosphere for pleasure or  work. I tried to miss of using of glossy surfaces. Also, I think that pastel and "simple" colors are the most suitable for the rest-room interior.  Most of the models are designed by myself.

In the room you can see the central spiral construction , moving around the axis. It  allows to zone the space for work  and rest. Also, the panel for changing brightness and colors of  the light in the room are situated on the central spiral construction.
Special attention is devoted to the bathroom interior . The original shower, bath and washbasin are in the form of shells. All these things allowed to improve the quality of life in future.
Also, I designed different variants of  architecture. Most of  all are multistory buildings.
I hope, you'll like it! :)